Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Terbang Copters Terbang 3 - 360 degree Bird Eye View

Do you know that in Nibong Tebal, there is an Engineering University?

Yes there is, this university is belong to Universiti Sains Malaysia. On today series, our shooting is about the 360 degree view from the heart of USM.

As this aircraft ascending from its point, it shows how the SERC building in white are beautiful standing. And north to SERC are the New Examination Hall that is usually fully occuped by the student to sit exams.

Once the camera start rotating, its focused to the Students hostels and finished at the same point. Next to it is the Football field. Oil palm trees are scattered around the area with a pond made for research by REDAC.

The point where there are many buildings are the center of the faculties.

This is the series for Terbang Copters Terbang, watch more videos from our shootings.

If you want to create any video like this, dont forget to contact us! Roger and out!

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